Friday, August 8, 2014

My Favorite Splurge

I love my Brother CS600i so much that I bought it twice!  I taught myself to sew (with the help of a couple youtube videos and calls to my mom) on this machine.  I never knew how wonderful it was until I tried sewing on other machines.

The first thing I made was a skirt.  This is one of the easiest things to make because skirts are generally 1 or 2 pieces (for a simple skirt).  I even made it with an invisible zipper.  To be honest, I had to rip out the seams once or twice in order for the zipper to look good, but that was due to my lack of experience.  Brother includes a zipper foot with the machine that makes it so easy!

Next I tackled a dress.  And then pants!  Whoa, pants are a lot harder.  You have to get the fit right and that overlaying flap is difficult to get right when your a newbie.  But buttons are a cinch.  The Brother CS6000i has an automatic button hole feature that is the best thing since sliced bread.  I didn't know how difficult button holes were to make until I tried to do it on another machine.

Why did I use another machine, you ask?  Well I had moved to the UK and loved my Brother so much I took it with me in the hopes it would work with a currency converter.   NOPE!  So I figured I would just get a cheap replacement that would work.  (I had to make my bridesmaid dress for a wedding I was going to be in.)  And that's where all the stark contrasts became apparent.  Brother has so many options, is so easy to use, and makes sewing fun!  When I moved back to the US I had to get another one to replace the one I broke.

It's got 60 stitches to choose from for making clothes, stuffed animals, quilts or whatever your heart desires.  It also comes with 9 different foot attachments - some I haven't even tried yet!  It's not industrial strength, but for all your home needs, this Brother has you covered.

Check it out!