Thursday, July 29, 2010

Omnibalm Review

Earlier I posted my first ever blog win of Omnibalm from Sweeps4bloggers.  The prize pack included a 3 oz Daily Foot Therapy cream, Skin Relief Cream and lots of little samples of both to share the love.

I've been using the Daily Foot Therapy on my poor feet.  I wear heels at work, leave a mini heater on underneath my desk and walk around barefoot the rest of the time.  I will spare you photos of my tootsies (although they are pretty cute from the top).  Omnibalm is a natural product featuring tea tree oil.  I can even pronounce all the ingredients!  It has a scent that I can't really place.  It's not medical and it's not overtly sweetened by perfume.  It's unique, and I like it.  It's a non-greasy cream that's really thin so it spreads easily.  Even though it's for feet, it's working on my fingers as well that I've used to work in the cream.  My feet started to crack and toughen from all the hardship I've been putting them through, but after the first night I noticed a difference.  My feet are actually softer.  Even with continued abuse, I think with regular application, Omnibalm will turn my feet silky smooth.

The other great news is that this cream is supposed to be great for diabetic foot care.  Unfortunately, I have a lot of diabetics in my family from unhealthy eating.  This will make a great gift for them.  I'm saving the Skin Relief Cream for my friend, but keeping a sample for myself.  I have poison ivy in my backyard that I need to tackle and I imagine this might come in handy!

I heartily recommend giving Omnibalm a try.  I'm happy to send out a 0.1 oz sample of both the Daily Foot Therapy and Skin Relief Cream to the first four followers to email me.  So since I only have three followers at the moment you have a pretty good chance if you're interested.  :)

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