Friday, September 3, 2010

Albertson's Run

I decided to go to Albertson's last night to try and beat the Labor Day mad dash.  Blue Bell was on sale for 3 for $10 and I had a $1 off coupon from signing up on Blue Bell's site for their club.  I love Blue Bell!  I made some brownies for work to go with vanilla ice cream.  YUM!

I was in no hurry so I cruised the aisles for clearance items.  I ended up with Argo corn starch 16oz for 99 cents which was cheaper than Albertson's brand and had more volume.  I use corn starch in a great recipe, I think it's from the old Better Homes & Gardens cookbook, for chess pie.  This is a lemon custard type pie that is delicious!  It's a family and friends favorite and oh so simple to make.  I"ll try to put it up when I get back home.

Other items on clearance: Fleishman's pizza dough yeast, Tree Top apple juice concentrate, kitchen utensil set and some mango drinks in a can.  I'm in Texas and this may be regional so ymmv.

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