Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stocking up on Cereal

Yesterday I made a few last stops before heading out of town. Albertson's had another sale on Chex cereal.  There are several great coupons out for Chex since it makes a great party food over the holidays.  I'm a huge fan of Chex mix, and especially Muddy Buddies.  Then I went to Walmart to test out price matching.  I called ahead to check and my store said they accept any competitor ad.  Finally, I headed over to Tom Thumb for a great deal on eggs.  I can't wait to get cooking!

What'd I get?

  • 6 boxes of Chex @ $0.83 per box after store savings, coupons, and a discount for bring my own bag
  • 15 oranges @ $1 price matched to an El Rancho ad at Walmart
  • 2 dozen large AA eggs @ $0.88 each after store savings!!!
Rolling total to date: $31.26

I'm excited.  :)  I think they were all awesome deals.  Even though this puts me $1.26 into week four, I've gone through three sales cycles in two weeks.  I think I should be good on cereal for a loooong time.  I can't wait to see what the New Year sales will bring and what great deals are to be had on Christmas clearance.  

Merry Christmas!!!

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