Monday, January 9, 2012

Turkey Taco Tuesday

It almost seems like I'm forgetting something I bought since it's been over a week, but the chicken really carried me through.  This time it's turkey!  Remember the turkey breast from Dec. 17th?  Well, I put it in the slow cooker and I have protein for the week.  All it needed was a few spices, a little butter, and a can of broth and it took care of itself.  I was craving some tortillas so it's now taco week...maybe this weekend some breakfast tacos too!

This is what I picked up:

  • 16 count flour tortillas @ $1.98
  • 5 avocados @ $1 for 5 (price matched at Walmart from El Rancho)
  • Idahoan box of O'Brien Hash Browns @ FREE after All You coupon
Rolling total to date: $40.74

That means I'm almost through week four and right on target!!  I'll probably be picking up some of the healthy deals this week like granola and weight loss bars.  Great week!  :)

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